Apr 20, 2009

mommy's job description

Driving around town....

Charlotte from her car seat: What dat mommy?

Said mommy turning around to see what she's pointing at this time (for the 5oth time in the last five blocks) all while keeping two eyes on the street ahead: That's the Courthouse hon.

Charlotte: Orthouse mommy?

Me: Yes. Mommy used to go there and help people.

Charlotte: Help, mommy?

Me: Yes. But now I stay home and help you and Cooper.

Charlotte: Help me and Bubbie, mommy?

Me: Yes.

Two blocks later...

Charlotte: Help me and Bubbie, mommy?

Me: Yes honey.

Charlotte (very concerned): and Daddy too?

Me: Of course honey.

Guess she wanted to make sure everyone was taken care of.


Shannon said...

Sweet Charlotte....Cooper is lucky to have such a good big sis. By thew way, is the cable thingy-magiggy you are waiting for something you can borrow from me???

Julie Wigle said...

I'm glad you are helping the whole family Autumn! And I love the "what dat?" :)