Mar 17, 2014

Irish Cuties

Yay for kids still young enough to wear cute holiday related tshirts! Here's the thing about St. Patrick's Day - I love it, it's fun to wear green, to remember we're Irish, and to play that annoying, I mean really fun, game about the stealing Leprechaun. But I'm a busy mom and for the last three years have basically forgotten it's St. Patrick's Day until the morning of. But I can whip together outfits for school. ;)  There's always next year to go all out, I guess.

Char wanted to pose with the little Irish beanie bear (the only decoration I remembered to pull out) and Coop wanted to pose with this morning's show and tell. Nice job little models.

Oh and the only thing green about Callum and Clane this morning were their noses. Cal stayed home from preschool with an annoying cold. I'm saving his teachers from wiping his nose all morning.

Have a great green day!  If you're in the neighborhood, Charlotte and Cooper are in this weekend's children's playhouse production. It's Cooper's acting debut!