Feb 6, 2014


Happy 7th Birthday Charlotte Ila!
~~ seven super things about our special girl ~~

1. Charlotte is brave, decisive, understanding, loyal, and a justice seeker. She loves trying new things, knows exactly what she wants in most situations, and sticks up her friends and classmates. 
2. Charlotte still has an awesome imagination. She has notebooks full of stories, plays, and lists of names for her dolls and animals. She loves quiet time alone in her room to act out that imagination.
3. Charlotte is honest (often, brutally) .
4. Charlotte loves school! She's so fortunate to attend a school that makes it easy for her to work ahead. She's on the A Honor Roll and doing second grade math and reading...high As in both. She works hard in all her work, really pushing herself to keep learning. Although her grades are near perfect, it is her attitude we honor - she just loves learning. Char's added piano lessons this year (she takes them at school; have I mentioned I love our school) and I'm excited to see where that takes her.
5. Char's favorite colors are red, blue, and pink.
6. Charlotte is fierce! She feels things pretty deeply, excitement, frustration - the whole gamut of emotions. ;)
7. Charlotte loves to read. I think it's cute that she loves the Babysitter's Club Little Sister series (from back when I was a kid). :)

Putting together her new Lego set before school this morning. She loves the Lego Friends.