Oct 11, 2013


 Clane at Nine Months.
(stop growing. stop it right now.)
Eating lots of table food.
Nursing all the time.
Water in a sippy. And I think Dan has slipped some juice in there once or twice (bad daddy).
Morning and afternoon napper.
Teething. All.the.time.  I think 11 fully in, but it's dangerous business to try to count.
Hair blonde with a little red.
LOVES his brothers and sister (still think Cooper is his favorite right now).
Loves music, eating whatever he can shove in his mouth, drinking from big people glasses, being outside, his push car, stuffed animals (Barney and his two teddy bears).
Waves (to himself) goodbye.
Says momma when tired or hungry.
Super Lovable.
Really needs to slow down with this whole getting older business. ;)

Best photo bomb ever! Big brother running around in his birthday suit.  :)