Jun 22, 2013


Charlotte rode rides too, but they were much too fast for pictures. She even convinced me to join along on some sort of rocketship blaster craziness for which we had to wait in line to ride while the operator cleaned up a previous rider's puke. 
The night was fun. Even ending in a little rear ender on my part. "Mom, you're hitting a car!" "No I'm not, can you please be quiet while I try to back up?"  But yes, I did. Not bad though, no real damage to either car, maybe a tiny scratch. The owner of the other (poorly parked car, I might add in my best lawyer voice) saw the whole thing happen. Added a little excitement after the fireworks.
Real life. Can't make this stuff up folks. 


Julie Wigle said...

How'd we miss you at the fun festivities? I was busy riding the oh-so-high ferris wheel. :/ Glad nobody got hurt in your little fender bender. :)