Apr 2, 2013

a naptime project

I had a goal this year to finish some of the dozens of sewing projects I have started or pinned or just thought of in my head. Part of our attic is a finished loft space that I've always wanted to use as my craft room. However, its not really safe up there for the kids to be with me (open staircase) and well, when I'm home, so are the kids.  :)  So I've never really had time to do anything.

Until I had a light bulb moment - bring my sewing machine to the dining room. Duh. Then wait for the stars to align where the three boys are all napping at the same time and Char's home on spring break and wants to hang with mom. So, last week I actually started and finished a project in one day.  A real simple flag garland out of scrap felt for the kids' playroom. It's super long, super easy and super cute strung across the ceiling up there (I'll post pics when I get a few other projects done for the room).

And the world didn't stop turning when I ignored the laundry and chores for a little me time.  Plus, Char got her first sewing machine lesson. She made a scarf.  :)