Jan 25, 2013

3 weeks (yesterday)

- grown out of preemie clothes
-not quite sure what you weigh..7 something?
- nursing every 2 hours during the day, usually 3 1/2 - 4 1/2 at night
-yeah for nursing! we struggled those first few days home as you clearly preferred the bottles, but with lots of work and patience we got through it and now you nurse like a champ!! little bit of encouragement from me to any new moms who's baby was given formula at the hospital - you can work through nipple confusion (what an odd phrase - ha!), it's hard but you can retrain your little baby to eat from the tap.  ;)
- poop almost every diaper (in case you really wanted to know)
-likes the sling
-starting to make eye contact
-loves pumping his arms and legs, moving almost constantly if awake
-still sleeps between feedings with one or two awake times each day (at least one of those usually in the middle of the night, but of course)
-still loved by the siblings
-not so much a fan of the car seat or swing
-swaddled to sleep
-sleeps in crib!
On another note, tomorrow is our "official" due date (which we always thought was a little late).

This was the night we checked into the hospital for the induction, nearly four weeks early. We thought we'd meet our new son the next day, he came four nights later. Crazy. Also crazy is how big that belly was considering I was preterm. Further craziness were those cheeks - preeclampsia fluid retention is so lovely. You were of course supposed to come when you did, God's perfect plan, but it's crazy to think you could technically still be growing inside.


Julie Wigle said...

Did you just say "sleeps in crib?!" Your hair is so beautifully curled and makeup on in your picture--I love it! Now that little Clane is out you may not have time for that. :) I'm going to have to see the little guy again soon!

Autumn said...

I know, right? Maybe he'll actually sleep on his own.

I had time to do my hair/makeup...but you shout have seen me when I finally delivered....yikes!