Nov 16, 2012


Before preschool started, Cooper repeatedly told us he wasn't going.
Turns out, he did go, and he loves it.
Now that he's had a few months under his belt, Cooper repeatedly tells us he doesn't learn anything.
Turns out, he has. :) He can write his name, recognize the names of all his classmates, say the Pledge of Allegiance, count in Spanish, cut, color, trace, and on and on. Cooper's a great student, respectful, and loves playing with the kids. A little shy (we knew that). A little perfectionist (we didn't know that). But he loves it. Not that he'll tell you. ;)
He will tell you how to play football (his version).
And he'll tell you all about his awesome fighting moves.
He is pretty awesome. 


Betsy said...

He's all boy!!! Cutie pie!