Sep 23, 2012

baby is a . . .

(21 weeks, morning of our ultrasound)
big(!), healthy, BOY!!!
For what it's worth, my instinct has been wrong each time and this time around almost everyone who guessed had guessed girl - shows what all of us think we know - ha!  We are all so excited to meet him. Little boy was measuring 10 days ahead of our "due date" which doesn't surprise me because I don't really buy into those dates.   :)  He's strong, moves around a lot, and has long limbs.  Oh, and he showed us his fists and punches during the ultrasound, so he'll fit right in with his brothers.

 (22 weeks)
Dan and I had a little date night last night dining on some yummy bbq ribs - so good! 
Perfect to celebrate "meeting" our new boy.


Julie said...

What cute outfits you are sporting! Excited to meet the next C child. :)