Jul 11, 2012

God Bless America (and air conditioning)!

We started the Independence Day holiday off with a bang at the library's annual kid's parade. That was a blast, really, can't you tell by the boys' faces?  Yeah, it was hot (Charlotte was just as hot). The 4th landed right in the middle of a lovely triple digit heat wave. No worries, the kids perked up with popsicles after they rode around the square.

And I enlisted some child labor to push my non-peddaler (thanks Isaac!).

We then proceeded to step outside of our air conditioned home to step into a furnace to catch the fireworks. The boys soon had their shirts off because that's how we roll when its hot, hot, hot.

As we waited, I patted myself on the back for never washing the van - free, creative play!

Happy 4th of July!