May 15, 2012

quick May update... I have a blog because I don't keep up with scrapbooks for the kids, this helps me keep track of life...maybe I should keep up with the blog. But life has a tricky way of getting in the way of documenting life.  Deep thoughts.....
 1. May Day surprise baskets; 2. Last show and tell of the year, bring Daddy and daddy's cool magnifier; 3. Zoo field trip (Daddy chaperoned - yeah!); 4. Mom took 3 to the circus (yes, the same day as the zoo. yes, it was a little wild).
 Mother's Day Tea at preschool. Just adorable. Cute songs and then the littles served their moms - poured the punch all by themselves (as we nervously watched).

Dan turned 38 (see how I snuck that in here - Happy Birthday dear)!
And we camped last weekend for the first of the summer, but that's really it's own post...