May 5, 2012

first drive of the season

It started last summer during our drain stack pipe thingy bursting repair week(s). Mom and dad had the older two, so Dan and me and baby, frustrated with dust and undoneness of our home, set off for the country. Rolling hills, picturesque ponds, the perfect early evening light. Country drives became our thing.

The kids love it too. Callum searches excitedly for "MOOS!!." Charlotte searches for "AMISH!!" Cooper tries to wait patiently for the ice cream that usually awaits our return to town. We find a spot to pull over and explore. An old cemetery, an acreage for sale, a country church, a pasture with closeups of horses or "MOOS!!"

It's quiet and still - well, that's relative with our crew - but it seems quieter and more still. We take deep breaths and look around and daydream. Our own farmhouse (without the work of a farm). Our own mailbox nestled next to the end of a long lane. Our own little piece of quiet and still.

Thankfully we're content where we are for the most part and when we pull back into our own driveway we realize how much we love our home, busy street and all. But the daydreaming is fun.

Where would you move if your daydreams became a possibility? Or would you? 


Lesley McCoy said...


Lesley McCoy said...

I did this . I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada; 30 years there. There was a dream in my head to live somewhere just a shade less crime, and where trees and wildflowers grew alongside the road,as I has seen in Oregon and along Northern California, and Washington. I wished for tall hedges along the sides of my property, and a big yard for the children to play in, safely.

It happened.

Amazingly, I live in the country, with hedges alongside the property, wildflowers grow here, and there are trees. ( I never saw so many trees!)The crime rate is a lot lower than I even dreamed possible(thanks Mayberry, I mean, Ottumwa) + This + is truly the 'good life'. Wholesome place for the kids to grow up; totally different than my experience.

So I wish on my Fish Wish Dish that I would fit into the community somehow.

Julie said...

We LOVE Sunday drives, although we don't usually get out of the car like you brave souls! I would also live in the country, a few miles from the nearest store....with a horse, a rabbit, and a baby pig. :) Dreaming....

Autumn said...

Lesley - i've always thought the story of your move was such a huge leap of faith and sacrifice for finding a better life for your kids. and i would imagine the trees were a bit of shock coming from the dessert. ;)

Julie - a baby pig?!?! cute, but would you end up eating it? :) yes, you need to get out. farmers might look at you a little nutty if they drive by, but that's cool.