Apr 11, 2012

Dear Lil Drummer Boy,

I am sorry you have yet another ear infection and tonsillitis.

I guess I should have kept you out of daycare....oh wait, you spend 1 hour in the church nursery 1 day a week.

I guess I shouldn't allow smoking in the home... oh wait, no smoking here (well, except for my cooking sometimes, oops).

I guess I should have breastfed you... oh wait, didn't we do that for 19.5 months?!

Daycare, second-hand smoke, bottle feeding = 3 common causes of chronic ear infections. You are uncommon kiddo. And on Friday, when we go to your one year checkup with the ENT to discuss how you've been doing since the tubes were put in last year, I will once again answer a big fat "no" to the risk factor questions. And then Dr. ENT will get an ear full, like maybe things haven't gone so well (4 bouts of ear infections and 3 bouts of tonsillitis since tubes).

In the meantime, you rock Callum, smiliest little kinda' sick kid we know.