Mar 28, 2012

Going to work

Cooper had been acting a little squirrley lately which is the sure sign that someone needs some one on one time. Dan suggested he spend the morning selling ads and off they went.
Cooper's favorite part of the morning: drinking coffee with dad at the gas station across the street.
Cooper's second favorite part of the morning: riding in Walter's car to sell some ads (Walter is Dan's partner).
Good times. Gotta start them in the business early, right? SaveOttumwa's second generation learning the ropes. :)


Julie said...

So.cute. I can't handle it.

Aunt Kellie said...

I agree with Julie, I just want to eat him up!! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm lovin' the outfit! Just me and My DAD!!!! (the children's book) comes to mind here.

Christy Gress