Mar 21, 2012

afternoon art time

Yesterday, Charlotte and I enjoyed some coloring time during the boys' nap. She impressed me with her spelling (everything but the "e" in Grover by sounding it out - I'm sorry but watching little kids learn is crazy awesome to me - I love watching their brains "get it") and I thought it was adorable she chose to color Grover and his momma while she colored with her momma. Awww...
Then later I found this:

For the record, Dan doesn't smoke. Charlotte doesn't know anyone who smokes. But she thinks it's the coolest thing ever. Thank you Pa from Little House in the Prairie and stories from Tom Sawyer and that one time Dan made up a story about an Amish girl smoking behind the barn (don't ask). Yeah, we're working on that. I particuarly like how she put those new spelling skills to work by clearly labeling the cigarette "SMK" for smoke.


When we thought the boys were peacefully sleeping away upstairs, Cooper was apparently having his own art time. Yes, that's finger nail polish (he's done the same thing before with marker).