Jan 16, 2012

up in here

My little sister just told me to update the blog. Kellie, don't say I never listen to you. ;

Last week we went from playing in sand and sweatshirts to snow and snowsuits.

See this one. Catching snowflakes on his tongue? Nope. About to turn around and pretend to stick his tongue on that basketball pole! Yep, someone has seen the movie "The Christmas Story" a few too many times. He never actually did it but had lots of giggles freaking me out. The worst was that little brother, who copies everything biggie does, really did try to stick his tongue on the pole. I spent 15 minutes blocking our toddler from freezing his tongue to a basketball pole before carrying his screaming tantruming self inside. Fun times here folks, fun times.


Dan is continuing his path to becoming a media mogul. Not really, but he did get a sign installed at the office. :)


I gave the boys haircuts. With clippers. For the first time. Including the mogul himself. Dan and Cooper's turned out pretty good.Cooper was a little shocked because Callum's cut went a little shorter than originally planned. Just a tad. Still a cutie though.


What else? Oh, I locked the kids in cages today. No, not really. We went to Pella to a little play spot. Super fun. Callum thinks he's 12. Now that he's got his big kid, tough guy haircut. ;)


Julie said...

Hooray for the sign, and haircuts, and locking kids in cages! :) Glad you are enjoying these lovely winter months! :)