Nov 29, 2011


Exhibit A: "Is that building a hotel?" No, it's an office building. "Why?"

Exhibit B: "Is [insert the person who's usually still within earshot] a boy or a girl? She's a girl. or. He's a boy. "Why?"

Exhibit C: "Is there snow on the ground?" No. "Why?" Because it didn't snow. "Why?" Because it's not cold enough? "Why?"

I'm beginning to understand the phrase - because I told you so.


Cooper told me today that he could see my butt crack (when did he learn the phrase "butt crack"?). He then proceeded to pull up my pjs. Dan told him he was the Butt Crack Police today (oh, maybe that's who he learned that phrase from). He's taken his job very seriously.


Our Second Annual Turkey Day Tshirts turned out a little wonky this year:

We went with footprints instead of last year's handprints. Cooper's skinny foot = a skinny turkey. Callum's lost an eye on the drive up to Grandma's (it's dangerous out there folks) and we didn't even get a picture of Charlotte's shirt. But it was equally as "cute." :/


Speaking of crafts, we made these reindeer cookies last night for Char's preschool snack today.

I'm mother of the year.

After preschool, we went to Target where I bribed my kids with dollar spot toys to keep from acting like monkeys on crack.

I'm mother of the year.


peace out.


Julie said...

I've got a "why" guy too, named Brady! :) And I just shove food into my kid's mouths at it appears I'm also up for MOY. I do love your crafty snack! Peace out.

Shannon said...

Oh Autumn...your random posts makes me miss you so. Also, I feel better that I'm not the only wonderful mom who bribes her kiddos while at Target. I will say, however, the last trip did not go so well and Dad had to take them to the car. My bribes must get better....

Take care!

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