Nov 21, 2011


So it's no secret I like to take my kiddos' pictures. A lot. I like to document this little life here and it's the unposed candids that are my favorites. My better half has Photoshop for work and for the longest time my to do list included a box for "master Photoshop in my spare time." I don't even have the spare time to brush my hair most days, thus the details of Photoshop have been shelved.*

But all is not lost, for I have something "better." Well, better, as in FREE and EASY. Picnik. It's been around forever. Go there and give your pics some punch. These examples aren't examples of perfect pictures/edits, by the way, just a few things I did in a minute or so (said to all real photographers who are laughing right now). :)


*Random story:

The other day Char asks me about the book I'm reading. "It's about being a better mom," I say.

"You're already a good mom, " she says (as I slip her a twenty, just kidding).

I ask her what she thinks I do well (good?). "Tying shoes."

Then what, if anything (ha), she thinks I could do better. "You could brush your hair better."



Julie said...

Ha! She would probably tell me I could shower more! :) You are doing a good job. And I LOVE Picnik too, but more for all the cutesy little things I can put on the pictures. :)