Oct 27, 2011

This weekend the kids and I headed up to their grandparents' mountain.

So nice to see their bountiful harvest.

Then this week we had to make some mountains (and valleys) of our own. Thanks to a lovely broken water pipe from the city's main to our house we've had some digging going on.

I missed some of the best pictures - those of Dan, eight feet down, covered in clay - but I did get some of these, filling back in the hole and trench. Our yard looks like a bomb test field, but we're grateful that this was a fixable problem. Messy, but no biggie in the bigger scheme of things. And we're so thankful for some little blessings to help resolve this, and BIG help from our neighbors.


Julie said...

Oh my....big mess! I need to drive by and check that out...glad it's getting fixed!