Aug 24, 2011

Cooper's Summer

i haven't blogged a lot this summer but, so i thought i'd do a little photo recap for each kidlet, starting with Coop-a-Doop!
This kid makes me smile so much. His grin gets me. Every time.

Sure, have another sucker, kiddo.
Cause yo' momma's a sucker for you. (budum bum)

Look at that face. Every time folks. His grin wins.
JUNE: fishing; parks; carnival rides (well, not so much a fan of those, but you liked the smoothie and deep fried pb&J served up by your parents of the year); uncle Ted's wedding in which you boogied like a rockstar, grandpa's old truck.

JULY: water was our friend; swords and sticks; goats at the fair; children's museum; jumps were higher and stronger; a week up at the grandparent's farm with your sister. In July you officially switched from little boy to big boy (I saw you, really I did, overnight you grew a mustache).
AUGUST: wrestlemania, hunting bad guys and bad wolves; and another trip to the farm.

Cute cousin Aayla and her sweet little face. Sweet thing. And then...there's Cooper. Don't smile there buddy. Don't do it. Whatever you do, look as bada$s as you can. But don't smile.
Leading his cousin's bucket calf at grandma and grandpa's house. So brave.

Speaking of brave, this has been your summer kid. You conquered the big twisty slide. You conquered the pool (head underwater baby, booyah)! You're a little less shy (no biggie there, a little shy is okay with us). You conquered meat?! What?! Well, not really at all, but you did eat three pieces of bacon at supper tonight!!! Whoot Whoot!! It's a start. A small start, but a start!

You love your siblings immensely. You love to push your limits with them too. You are always ten steps behind us taking your own time, taking in the scenery. You've learned to pray. You (mostly) go with the flow. You idolize Grandpa Moo, Uncle J.D., the "guy at church who sings to Jesus," Davy Crockett and "Pumpsy" (Clumbsy) Smurf. You sing on tune and dance when nobody's watching. You're doing pretty well on the potty. Your serious voice makes me laugh. You seriously don't like that I can't take your serious voice seriously. We still call you Bubbie and Brother.

We love you Cooper!


sarah979c said...

what a great kid! he's got a long way to go- but he's going to be great, because he's has great parents! Aren't their little prayers so cute?? Even if they are the same thing repeated over and over again!