Jul 23, 2011

a small observation

our kids don't mind. they love new friends.

we don't mind. the more the merrier.

but someday, these kids that you're not watching might.

they might look back and remember playing with someone else's parents at the lake. they might remember someone else's parents helping them when they swam too far out, past where their little tippy toes could touch. they might remember seeking lots of attention, sad amounts of attention, from another momma.

we didn't mind.

but you should have.

because someday those little tippy toes won't be so little.

Just a little observation from our afternoon at the lake. Really, we don't mind watching or playing with stranger's kids. It's fun. And you know what, sometimes we all need to rely on a friendly other parent to look over our kiddles. Someone falls down or needs a drink from the water fountain and you have to look away. Knowing that another pair of eyes from the "village" is covering your back is great. I've been there and been so grateful for another mom I've never met. But sometimes it just makes Dan and I a little sad. Seriously, it was like 45 minutes or so before we even noticed any sort of adult claiming these very little kids and even then it was a blink and you'll miss it type of appearance.

Ever had to deal with something like this before? Thoughts please...


MrsVernon said...

Oh my, we have been there many times! We do precisely what you did. We push their swings, fetch their balls from the parking lot, and make sure they don't stray too far. Sometimes, however, we ask them to point out their parents and take them by the hand to the adults they point out. When we arrive at the distracted parent we just smile and say "He/she was having a lot of fun playing with our family, but he/she was starting to miss you." or "I think this little guy probably wandered a little too far for your comfort!" I always try to give parents the benefit of the doubt, together with a subtle reminder that their children belong with them.

Wendy said...

I think you did the right thing -- and the benefit to those kids (beyond the immediate fun and security of being under your watch) is that, over years of this happening, they will pick up on the fact that other parents are more attentive and caring, and will at least see more examples of what "family" can be, and know that there are good and loving people in the world.

Shannon said...

God bless you for being the mom that steps it up---even for other's children! Sadly, I pulled a very small child from the Ottumwa Club pool a few years ago after she fell in the deep end (next to her mom tanning on the lawnchair) who didn't even notice. Worse...the lifeguard didn't either!

Miss you!

nana and kobe said...

U have adorable kids