Jul 19, 2011

"Pretend I'm _____"

Many, many, many times a day I hear a little girl's voice urgently saying, "Mom, pretend I'm [insert name (and age, age is often a very important componet)]." I then must remember who this little girl is pretending to be and must not call her by the other 35 names she's been that day until our lovely changes her lovely imagination again. And again. And again.

I love this imagination. I love thinking of where it will take her someday. I love that it stretches me as a parent because sometimes I get frustrated with the many interruptions and then have to apologize for my short fuse - because, really it takes 20 seconds to say, "Okay, I'll pretend you're Allie, Laura Ingall's cousin's sister who's 6 years old and just broke your leg." I don't so much love the dozens of outfit changes leaving clothes all over the house as you raid your brothers' and your parents' closets for your wardrobe needs. But, again, no real biggie.

I have plans to one of these days take a picture or at least write down every "character" you perform in a 24 hour day. But I'll start with a few of these recent goodies.

These are all her own ideas, put together entirely on her own, while I'm ten steps behind her thinking we're still in the previous story:

1) Indian headdress (made from a plastic knife ponytailed to a headband);
2) a mermaid;
3) Charlotte, as a one year old;
4) Tom Sawyer;
5) Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz; and
6) {sorry, can't remember your name here} but I know you're legs are broken, hence your "crutches" and your friend's legs were broken in her "wheelchair" and the two of you were going to walk through the snow, despite your injuries, to go to the store before returning to your home at the "place where people sleep when they are old." whew. meanwhile, you're stocking hat and fur coat make me smile because it was 115 heat index outside.


Wendy said...

Love, love, LOVE this post!

Julie said...

I'm very impressed with the creations this little gal comes up with! So creative and cute!

sarah979c said...

fun, fun! Now I realize how boring my child is because all he wants to do is play with trucks and trains all day! He's all boy! :)