May 9, 2011

rewind to April...

Easter 2011

I know it's cheesy but we totally went there for Easter this year.

Matching boys, hats, gloves and the pretty dress, oh my!

The night before Easter after the kids were in bed Dan and I were chatting about how the kids already had completed three egg hunts and received tons of candy (thanks to awesome Grandparents from our trip up north the week before). We wanted to do something different in the morning before church. Thus....our family's first annual Rise and Shine Easter Breakfast Party!

So, as is our modus operendi (there's law school sneaking in), Dan and I decided (at 10:00 at night) to whip up a party - banners, a cake, decorations, etc. Not quite sure how the strawberries ended up on top of our cross cake, but that's cool. So we ate a yummy breakfast of eggs and bacon and cake! No one ate the Peeps. Peeps are gross, just saying. :) We even pulled out the old hymnal. Great start to a new tradition and the perfect reason to celebrate!


Charlotte picked the dress out herself. The gloves and hat were a surprise (and were quickly added to the dress up rotation).
Some outtakes from our Easter monkeys.