May 31, 2011

getting back on the horse

We camped again this weekend.
I guess we're "campers" now. Whether this momma likes it or not.
And really, despite the constant state of moving to make sure one our littles doesn't seriously injure themselves, it is fun. It is all worth it for moments like this . . .

Getting ready to fish. Who cares if they didn't catch anything?

That's not the important part anyway.

Camping = great sleepers.

Sandcastles and weird sand faces courtesy of their dad. Callum only ate a few (dozen) handfuls.

Meet the worm, One Eyed Green who was soon accompanied in Char's rubbermaid box (with holes) by his worm friend, One Eyed Brown. She fed them leaves with salt and pepper. Yum.

Yep, we're definately campers now.