Mar 18, 2011


Three moments from today, worth smiling back at in remembrance . . .

I smile at the baby's cough (not the big cough, nothing smile worthy there, the little coy cough). He sees the smile and coughs again. Cough, smile. Cough, smile. I ahh at the baby's oooh. He oohs I ahh. Oooh. Aaahh. Oooh. Aaahh. All day long, for months now, this has been our game.

A two year old brother, getting a drive by head pat from his sister, just a little shush, nothing more, rushes right back to her, grabbing the handful of imagined hair and slapping back on his head, "Give me back my hair CeCe!" Sister just giggles and keeps walking.

On our escape from the boys for an hour this evening, on self declared mommy/daughter time, my four year old in the booster pipes up to her driver, "When will I get to go to the movie theater?" "When there is a movie daddy and I think you can go to sweetie, we'll take you." "But I just saw two little girls go in there?" I smile at her approach, "Well, movies are something we save for special times. We will go to the movies someday and it will be very special." "Ok, Momma."

A few minutes later, hand in hand on our errands, "Momma, this is a special time too."

Yes, yes it is.


Francesca said...

Sweet moments! Thanks for sharing. The best part, when kids say something it's from the heart and unrehearsed, it just makes it that much more special.