Jan 2, 2011

Christmas Collages

Christmas Eve
Snowman making, Cookie decorating, Dan performed in skit at Church, spending time with Aunt Mandy, putting tired kids to bed, setting up the living room
Christmas Day
Excited kiddos, "A Scooter! It's Red!! My favorite color!!!", Christmas lunch with Cannys, Charlotte kept rewrapping presents all day to keep handing out to us, Cooper kept asking, "for me?", so sweet!
Christmas with Morris family
finished up Christmas this weekend, Barbies, Cowboy Boots, John Deere, Dominos, Would You Rather, staying up way late and lots of playtime

2010 was a year of unexpected changes. So many changes. Changing churches, change in delivery plans - induction, new baby, Charlotte starting school, Dan leaving one career and starting his own business - just to name a few. While I secretly hope for a quieter 2011, I know that will likely not happen. 2011 will be another year of great change for our family. I'm excited to see what's in store for our family, and yours, next year. Bring it on!


Julie said...

Whew! You did have quite the year! :) God is good!

Cori said...

I love your blog! What a fun Christmas :)

When you have a spare minute (ha ha ha) can you tell me how to post a photo collage on here :) Vivian survived 7 Christmases and these collages are likely the only way I can document them all.