Nov 21, 2010

Ragamuffin Garland

The other day I made this garland to hang in the boys' bedroom. It is super easy to make and the only thing I bought were the star quilt clips to hang the garland and some twine. The clips were $.69/ piece at Goodwill. They were blue and white - so I spray painted them red. Easy peasy. Pottery Barn, by the way, sells these nearly identical star clips for $34.00 for a set of three. I like mine better. :)

Take a long piece or ribbon, yarn, or, as I used, twine and knot strips of fabric and ribbon. I used old denim from a pair of the boys' baby jeans, an old pinstriped dress shirt of Dan's, a brown tshirt of mine, red ribbon, some red checked scrap fabric. You don't even have to cut these strips, just tear, adds to the "ragamuffin" effect. Every 12 inches or so I put a clothespin to hang up pictures/mementos. Here's a tutorial that may be a little clearer.

Cooper's been playing more and more with his train table. Which is awesome and allowed me to take these pictures. Which allowed me to realize his name is a little crooked. :)
Of course, though, I've since rearranged his room, so it looks different now. But I'll post the finished look later when I get a few other projects for the room completed. I love our kids' rooms. They really are my favorite rooms in our home and I like that they each have a little something homemade.


Jennifer said...

Cute room and I LOVE the thrifty decorating idea. There is nothing better than combining a Goodwill purchase with something you already own to create something new. And then you think to yourself, "Wow, that is really cool and it was nearly free!" Super job, Autumn!

Julie said...

I love cheap, cute projects! Yippy for being thrifty!

sarah979c said...

Cute! It seems like I always have an unfinished project for Christopher's room- and so it never gets done! Goodwill is awesome, that's where I get most of Christopher's clothes! Happy Thanksgiving!