Nov 12, 2010

my "helper"

This morning, when I asked Charlotte if she'd woken her brother after I found her holding Callum's hand and telling him a story, giggling quietly, she replied, "I had to momma. He's just a baby and doesn't know how to do things. I have to teach him. He doesn't know how to wake up. So I'm showing him." Thanks, but he's got the waking up part handled.

She really is the best big sister - to both her brothers. She likes her "pribe-bacy" from time to time, but usually is happy right alongside these two.
The mother bird in the nest she made outside one afternoon for her brothers.
Yep, she's in pajamas - she'd been sick and I let her out to blow the stink off. :)


Karla said...

Leah loves to build "nests" too for her little bro. Cute story and what a great big sister she is!