Nov 3, 2010

late night cheesy ramble

It's after midnight and I'm finally settling down. Not really too settled, obviously, as I'm on my computer, just a little too amped with sugar to sleep just yet. The sugar as a result of the baking. The baking a result of Char's preschool bake sale. Yep, my first bake sale as a mom. Baking intimidates me a bit, especially when people other than family are going to be eating the goodies. Cooking I can handle, but baking gets me a little nervous. At the last minute I decided to try a new cake recipe as the brownies I'd made got taste tested a bit and I needed something else to bring. I made a few mini cupcakes with extra batter so I would know if the cake (Applesauce Spice) was "bake sale worthy." It's yummy. It's worthy. :)
As I was waiting for the cake to bake, I edited this picture of Cooper from a few weeks ago. We had gone to the park earlier today and I just smiled watching my kids play. I'd taken pictures today (um, of course) but the camera was in the same room as the sleeping baby and I'm not that big of a fool (ha!) so I was just looking through some pictures, with this quote in mind.

Being up until midnight in the kitchen may not be fun, but it's a pretty cheap price to pay for the pleasure, the sweet pleasures, of being a momma. Night!


Kylee said...

loved this post. hope you're well!