Oct 12, 2010

Speaking of big kids . . .

Yep, I'm a little shocked too - he's not even two yet!
Right now it's just kind of a novelty for him (and a lot of work for his momma) as he wants to go over and over again. But he went, and dumped it down the toilet (his favorite part) about 15 times today (only once right beside the potty). So we'll see - sure would be nice not having to pay for two in diapers anymore.


Jennifer said...

If he's interested and actually going, stick with it! Ainsley potty trained at 20 months, so I know it can be done. Sometimes if you don't take advantage of the window of interest, it will pass and a child won't be ready again for a very long time. Hang in there mom! You can do it and so can Cooper!!!