Oct 9, 2010

family pictures

I'm way behind on blogging. Not that we've done anything huge or super exciting. But the "little" things like park playing, cookie making, pumpkin painting - regular old family time - are just as important for me to capture as the "big" things.
Well, I guess there is a big thing some of you may have heard rumored through the grapevine. Dan has resigned from the newspaper, left town and joined the circus. Okay that's only partly true. :) More details to come when the time is right - but yes, we are officially self-employed. And by me, I mean Dan. I, on the other hand, have three little employers (pay sorta stinks though). Dan is opening his own marketing company, it will launch in the next few weeks and we're excited about this new venture. More to come . . .
On Wednesday, we took a quick little trip to see the great grandparents. Our kids are so blessed to have them in their lives. As Char said, "I have a lot of grandmas and grandpas."
with Great Grandma and Grandpa Morris (Autumn's dad's parents)

with Great Grandma and Grandpa Price (Autumn's mom's parents)

Speaking of family pictures . . . Charlotte's recent renditions:


Julie said...

So excited for your new venture! And I LOVE Charlotte's drawings!

sarah979c said...

I think that's great.... Roy always talked to Dan when they both worked at the paper... and Dan always wanted to do something like what he's about to do! That's so great... and Charlotte might just be the next new artist in town!