Aug 12, 2010


It's hot. Too hot for the baby to be outside (or really anyone for that matter).
It's muddy. Too muddy for the kids to be outside (unless I want to be drowned further in laundry).

But sometimes, you just got to give in. And yesterday we did. We gave in to the hot and the mud.

And the result . . . . . . another fun playdate that resulted in the kiddos riding home naked. :)

The following picture is not edited, but rather an example of what hot humidity does to my camera. Cool effect, but I'm glad it returned to normal as I was a little concerned for my special friend (yes, my camera and I are close).

And the river? Yep, it's high. That bridge is closed due to the rising water.

Hope you all are enjoying the hot and the mud. Gotta love Iowa summers.


sarah979c said...

Very fun muddy days... love the shots of the river!

Julie said...

Mallory keeps asking to go back to the park and jump in the mud puddles! Maybe we'll have to actually plan a "mud date." :)

Cori said...

I love that you let your kids play in the mud :) Glad your friend is ok, the same thing happened to my camera and I freaked out!