Aug 26, 2010

blame it on the parents

Charlotte met her preschool teachers this week and had the chance to check out her room. This girl was beyond. Just beyond excited and awestruck. Charlotte is rarely speechless, but walking into her new classroom, taking it all in, I think she was beyond words. So excited. And now I have roughly two weeks to keep her distracted until class actually begins.

Before we left, I mentioned to Dan (with tongue firmly planted in cheek) that we had to make a great first impression on her teachers because this was the beginning of her educational career. Screw up in preschool and you might just as well say goodbye to Harvard Medical School.

So, imagine my horror, when my other half mentions this as we're heading out the door:

Dan: When did we get mousse?

Autumn: What mousse?

Dan: In the bathroom, I was out of hair gel and grabbed your mousse.

Autumn (now noticing the smell): That's not mousse, dear. That's self-tanner.


Oh, and in case you're wondering. It's smelly, your scalp burns, you will feel lightheaded.

And I guess Harvard's out. ;)


Karla said...

Autumn...thank you! After being up until 12:30 last night with a barfing little girl, and up at 5:30 with a cranky nineteen month old, I needed a good hard laugh. I owe ya one. Have a great rest of your week!

sarah979c said...

That's awesome... Dan!!! Goofy Dan!! I can't believe she starts preschool already! Where have the little children gone to? Christopher will start next year. Scary to think about it's only a year away!