Aug 19, 2010

35. 25. 15

Two weeks ago, at Callum's two month well baby visit he weighed 15 pounds. Which is sorta cool because he doubled his birth weight in two months and because at that moment in time our kids were like little step stools in their weights. Charlotte: 35, Cooper: 25, and Callum: 15.

And, now that I type that out, I realize its not all that cool and likely would seem cooler had I actually blogged it two weeks ago. Because now, this ten weeker probably weighs 45 pounds. Well, probably not. But he's an eater. Which is what I spend my time doing these days. Feeding the baby, rather than blogging his two month update.

So, here it is, a little belated. Callum, at two months (and a couple weeks) you are: somewhat still cat napping during the day but getting closer to 3-4 naps; eating 3 times during the night; smiling a ton; gooing and gahhing and other adorable sounds; taking a 3 oz. bottle of formula from dad every other day or so; spending more time on the floor watching your siblings play; still hating tummy time; liking the car seat better; still loving your bath; wearing 6-9 month clothes and some 12 month pjs; size 2 diapers; a joy.

Rocking big sis' blanket. One of the hazards of hand me downs.

And I thought this would emphasize how crazy fast he's grown:


Betsy said...

Amazing what 10 weeks does! Cute little chunky monkey. I would love to love on those cheeks!

Cori said...

What a great idea with the same swing pic, I may have to copy that :) How long is he?