Jul 19, 2010


What did we decide to do on one of hottest weekends thus far this summer? Well, have a garage sale of course. Doesn't that sound completely sane? Near 100 temps + 3 kids 3 and under = great time to be running around for a garage sale. Yeah, it was kinda' nuts. But a BIG THANK YOU to my mom who came down and made sure it ran smoothly. We had a great surprise though as my aunt and uncle drove over from Marion for a little visit and brought their grandaughter, Jerzey, my cousin Alisha's daughter. Char and her had an awesome time in the sprinkler as the rest of us chatted, sweated, and sold the junk in our driveway.


We then took Grandma to the 4-H Expo (not once, but twice this weekend - hey, it was air conditioned at least). Cooper, of course, headed straight to the tractors and the corn box was a fun hit again.

By late Sunday afternoon, we were beat (well, Dan and I were) but the kids still had tons of energy so we headed for a picnic at the park.


Julie said...

Garage sales, picnics, pools---all so fun!! :) Good thing you did it, since we are having rain, rain, rain now! :) Love that pic of you and Callum.