Jul 11, 2010

weekend review

Charlotte asked me to do her hair like her hero Laura (from Little House on the Prairie).
I obliged (although it looks a bit more Pippi Longstocking than Laura Ingalls - I need to practice).

Cooper and Callum bonded :)
Saturday we attended a block party of friends from our church.
It was fun and the kids had a blast.
Coop played in a pool of girls.

. . . and Char had her first car ride with a boy.

Relax, it was a church party - so it was good, clean fun. :)


And the biggest news of the weekend - drum roll, please - Callum took a bottle!!! Now I'll gladly nurse him for as long as he wants, but we are introducing the bottle "just in case" there's a time when I'm not around. Our last babe never took a bottle, so we consider this big, big news here!

Ta dow!