Jul 3, 2010

one month

Happy One Month Birthday Callum!
You are rarely called by your first name in this house, except by Charlotte. Dan and I are apparently showing our age and accidentally keep calling you by your brother's name and your brother, just calls you Baby - as in "Where's Baby?" - a million times a day. :) Other early nicknames include C-Dog, Pumpkin, and Cal (which is what I hope sticks).

  • Eating every 1.5 - 2 hours during the day and about every 3 hours at night.
  • Co-sleeping from midnight feeding until I get up in the morning. But you don't mind sleeping in the crib as well, which is great.
  • Loving your bath.
  • Disliking your carseat
  • Soothed by momma's voice and your sister's voice.

We celebrated your month milestone with a trip to the pool. You slept the entire time.

You are balding, but still rocking the mullet. :-)


Julie said...

Already 1 month?! Gosh, time flies!! I love baby mullets...it's the only time they are cute!