Jun 1, 2010

Waiting on our Junebug....

Dan and I realized that this past weekend could possibly our last weekend as a family of four (well on the outside anyway). I remember feeling very apprehensive when pregnant with Cooper, very worried about changing Charlotte's life - not wanting to take anything away from her. But I quickly got over that seeing what a gift of a brother Cooper was to Char, how it only enriched her (and our entire family's) life. I know Baby C will only add to that joy!

So we wait . . .

Our house looks like a baby store with all the equipment sitting around, waiting. Swings, car seats, bouncy seats, changing tables, cribs, bassinet - and the funny thing is, this baby will probably just want to be held. :)

Our list of awesome, giving, generous friends who've offered to watch the kids until Grandma gets down or drive to the hospital for us is set - we'd be lost without this great group.

Our bags are mostly packed.

Our house is, well, as ready as its going to be. I get it all "set," then the babies that currently live here actually, well, live and I realize it's not going to be perfect. And that's okay.

Our fridge needs one more stock up trip to the grocery store. It would be easier to stay stocked if this family stopped eating once in awhile - ha!

June 10th is still the official due date - but we're ready now. Let the wild rumpus begin!


Sarah Howk said...

This makes me think about having #2... now I just have to convince hubby of that. My reluctance of giving up my nursing bras has gone on far enough- I'm sorry, they are comfortable & hide my flab belly from baby #1!!! LOL I love the photos you guys take... we need to have you over for dinner- soon!!!

Julie said...

9 more days! I hope he waits until Thursday so I can be of help to you! :) Excited to meet the little guy....and excited for your family! :)