Jun 26, 2010

short on words, not on smiles

One of the primary reasons I blog is that someday, when the sleepy fog of babyhood lifts, I can look back and remember our life - both the good and the let's-call-it-not-so-good. Unfortunately, I'm in the midst of severe foggy newborness (how's that for a new word) where, even if I found the time, I'm just a little to weary to find the words to write about our transition from four to five. So, instead, I leave this first week without help (i.e., Dan didn't come home to bail me and our serious help, a/k/a Grandma had returned home) with just this collage of pictures. It was a good week. :)


Cori said...

I love it! I am so impressed with you, especially for figuring out that Moby baby wrap! I registered for one then saw a woman wearing it in the mall and took it off my registry because I knew there was just no way I could ever figure it out.

Also FYI I just talked it over with Vivian (who is still awake as we approach 3AM) and we think newborness is an excellent word :)