Feb 25, 2010

Saw this one coming...

It was probably inevitable with a sister who is almost always pretending to be someone or something and her pretend play almost always involves dress up.

It was bound to happen when you think you're sister is pretty much the coolest.

One could sure see it coming . . .
. . . that you'd take a turn in a dress (or in this case, a sweet black leotard).
But you'll decide against the shoes.
And quickly tire of princess play, settling for your car.

*all pictures posted with Dad's approval. hee hee.
**Coop actually brought me this out of no where with his shirt almost off - he was trying to put it on himself - ha!
***How can he look so "boy" still? Too funny.


Julie said...

Awesome...glad Dad approved! Super cute.

Kelly Turpin said...

Love it! But he's going to hate these pictures when he's older!