Feb 16, 2010

Dreaming of warmer weather...

It was nearly 30 degrees today so that seemed like a heat wave to me. Or perhaps the cabin fever had just gotten bad enough that I finally bit the bullet and took both kids out in the snow by myself. Well three kids, counting the little buddy along for the ride cozy inside his momma.

Char was ready too. It literally took her only 20 minutes to go from her birthday suit (what your toddler isn't running around na.ke.d at 3 in the afternoon? ha!) to full snowsuit. She put on everything by herself - all I did was zip her coat. She's got skills.

I'm just ready for day we can play with sand in the buckets, instead of snow.
And the swing's seats are a little warmer.*
And they can ride bikes on an ice-free driveway,
And our popsicles are a bit tastier.**

*disclaimer 1: Sorry for your sister's pink mittens buddy, your blue ones kept falling off. Function over fashion.
**disclaimer 2: I did not encourage Char to stick the giant icicle in her mouth. I pulled it off the garage because I thought it looked cool, showed her, turned away, turned back and noticed her snack. And, in good blogging style, took the picture before telling her to stop sucking on it. :)


Julie said...

Good job taking them outside!! And hilarious about your disclaimers. :) We need to play soon....miss you guys!