Jan 28, 2010

a reminder

Today you woke up grumpy and out of sorts. Crying over breakfast. Crying over getting dressed. Crying because mom had to put you down so she could get herself dressed. Crying at the sight of childcare at the Y. Lots of tears and I admit it, I was exasperated.

So we skipped the childcare and you joined in sissy's tumbling class. Then we came home and you finally ate. Then you sat, by yourself without mommy in sight, and looked at books. Then you napped - falling asleep laughing.

And then I found these pictures taken yesterday. During what I thought was another long day of your whining and crying. Um, it really wasn't. Sure there were tears. There's the teething and the general frustrations of being 13 1/2 months. But there was fun and smiles too. I'm glad you give me these breathers and I need to remember that the crying is really the exception to the rule.

Because, really, you get excited over the sweetest, smallest things. And that's something I need to remember more often.


Julie said...

What a nice reminder. :) My daughter, who was also wearing me thin, just gave me a nice kiss. Thank you God for those reminders on these days!

Sarah said...

That is one cute kid...with a twinkle in his eye...I've seen one here often enough!