Jan 7, 2010

oh yeah, about that

So, this past weekend, my mother remarked that I hadn't been taking belly shots as I had with the other kidlets' pregnancies. I thought, pss-shaw, there's nothing to really take yet - there's really no baby belly there. Maybe some leftover belly from Cooper, thank you very much love of my life son, but nothing to whip out the camera for. Besides, half the time I'm too busy and feel good enough to even remember I'm pregnant - let alone remember to document this one. Sorry kiddo, I'll make it up to you. I'll sneak you an extra cookie now and then.

So today, while the children ran wild, I set up the old tripod to prove to myself that I really wasn't showing. That much anyway. Right?

Wrong. Definately wrong. Turns out I am pregnant.
(And need to improve my posture and put on some makeup.)
18 weeks!
(oh and almost 3 years, on that little renegade in the corner)

My gender prediciton is boy, because I'm carrying just like I did with Cooper - low - lower than with Charlotte anyway. My lovely dear husband suggests that perhaps gravity has something to do with that. I suggest maybe he shouldn't discuss my body and gravity's effect on said body anymore. :) We're scheduled to invade his/her space at the end of the month to check out the parts!


Dan said...

I still don't see it.

Julie said...

You are so little and cute with that belly! My prediction as well: boy. Have had that feeling since the beginning! Can't wait to see if we are right!

Autumn said...

Stop the presses. Dan commented. With his name. Mark this day in history folks. Love ya!

sarah979c said...

you two are so funny, Dan and Autumn!!!