Jan 16, 2010

Does that come with its own motor?

Me: Hey hon I think we need to buy a quad stroller.

Husband: Um (preoccupied with basketball game on tv).

Me: A triple stroller would be too wide, but a quad wouldn't be any wider than our double stroller. We could click the infant carrier into one side and put Cooper and Char, one behind the other, on the other side.

Husband: Oh yeah.

Me (starting to really justify it): Because you know we'll have 3 kids at one time who'd still like a stroller.

Husband: Yeah.

Me (with a bit more supporting argument): And there may be times wearing the baby in the carrier won't work.

Husband: Yeah, you're probably right.

Me (feeling like my lawyering skills of persuasion are working their magic): I think you're right (ha!), I think we really need it.

Husband: Yeah, sounds neat.

Me (in a rookie-like mistake as I look at awesome stroller's price tag for the first time and shout out, forgetting who I'm trying to convince): What! It's almost $400.00!

Husband (suddenly paying much more attention and actually turning head from said game to reinforce words with eye contact): No.

Me (trying to recover): But what if I want to take all three out for a walk?

Husband (in all seriousness): Why would you want to do that?

Me: But -

Husband: Go outside, just don't walk.

Me: But -

Husband: Use the stroller we already have.

Me: But -

Husband: Buy some roller skates for Charlotte and teach her to hold on.


I realize this is definitely not a need, rather a pregnant woman's nesting instinct wanting to prepare for her new birdy when we really already have everything we need.

But, it'd be a great workout (the stroller itself weighs 55 lbs., plus the two kiddos we have now weigh almost that much combined, by the time you add a third I'd be pushing some great weights). And, if there were a fourth in the future we'd be set.

I'm kidding people. But . . .


Amy Luedke said...

Try Ebay....you never know how cheap you could get it. We got our Valco Tri Mode Twin on Ebay, brand new for almost half the cost....the seller said it had a tiny scratch on it so they couldn't sell it in the store. When we got it, there wasn't a scratch on it.

Julie said...

Hilarious! Zach and I laughed about this conversation...and picturing Charlotte #1 on roller skates and #2 behind a stroller! :) Love it! I got my double on Craigslist.....give it a shot!! :) I think you definitely NEED it. If mommy isn't happy, nobody is happy! :)

Autumn said...

our double jogger was bought at a garage sale and is awesome - i'm definately going to keep my eyes open on ebay/craigslist.

Kelly said...

"Teach her to hold on", hahaha, love it.

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

So something I would think of. However, that 55 lbs of weight would just deter me from it completely. I like light!