Dec 10, 2009

"You're so funny, I could eat you up!"

And a few other new Charlotte-isms.

Me: Okay, who made this mess?
Char: Cooper. Cooper is a naughty baby. Babies are naughty all the time. (She was right that the one square inch of the mess I was looking at was Cooper's but she ignored her much larger messy addition).
Me (noticing her running by flapping her arms up and down): Whatcha doing?
Char (with a smile, as she keeps running): Shaking an owie off.

Char: I want to go to school.
Me: You will, when you're bigger.
Char: I want Cooper to go to school too. Cooper's my best friend (I guess she forgot how messy and naughty he is).
Me: Cooper will go to school too when he is bigger. You know, Mommy might be a little sad when both of you go to school.
Char: It's okay mommy, Daddy will babysit you.
After Dan turned on the bathroom light for her.
Char: Daddy will you stop talking to me, I'm trying to pee.
And that's why I let her lick the spoon!


sarah979c said...

love the comments that Char says- especially when she told Christopher to tell you how to put on her gloves! That was priceless!