Dec 6, 2009

The REAL Christmas Card.

I think everyone should have to print the outtakes on the flip side of their family's beautifully perfect Christmas cards - to see what really happened behind the scenes. Ha! Today's attempt = 90 shots and not one picture of two smiling faces looking in the same direction. Proves my point, though, that the best pictures at least with the younger crowd, are the candids.

We started with Charlotte's pout . . .

. . . and ended with Cooper's.

In between we had a little boy escaping . . .

. . . and then his sister breaks free.

Kinda cool, but not really what I was going for.

Plotting their next conspiracy.


Leslie said...

Oh that is so true! We had our own little fiasco with the X-mas card pics this weekend...still no good one.

I'm with 'ya on the outakes, that is a great idea - or at this point the only option!!

Shannon said...

I know! But how is it that I will STILL receive tons of cards this year from friends whose kiddies are sitting so perfectly with pretty smiles??? What do they know that we don't??? Cooper and Charlotte do look pretty though!