Dec 22, 2009

long story short

My laptop crashed; I got a new laptop that's shiny and momentarily un-toddler smudged; our modem died; our DSL customer service rep needs to find a new day job; our new modem arrived 8 days after it was supposed to; our wireless is broken and tommorow I get to talk to a man from India (again).

Our son turned one. There were presents, balloons and cupcakes. He's weaned. He's sleeping through the night.

Our daughter is obsessed with Rudolph and wondering how many tow trucks Santa will bring her.

There you go. You're caught up. :)


Julie said...

Hooray, welcome back!!! We missed you.

Shannon said...

You poor if you didn't have enough going on with two toddlers, a baby in your belly and a December full of yucky snow. Hang in there and enjoy the holidays with your family.

sarah979c said...

I guess when it rains.... it pours!!
Hang in there!