Nov 22, 2009

thoughts on the end of the beginning

As the first trimester comes to a close:

I feel . . .

. . . grateful to be feeling better, energetic even.

. . . excited for what's to come.

. . . like pictures don't lie.

The family, Bob Vander Plaats, and my baby bump last Thursday at a meet and greet.
Check this guy out, we like him. And so does Chuck Norris. :-)

I have lost . . .

. . . my tastebuds. Nothing really has any real taste right now.

. . . my memory. If my daughter has to tell me one more time where I put my keys or my cell phone or Cooper (just kidding) she just might try to have me committed.

. . . my lens cap. Technically not pregnancy related but a side effect of above.

. . . weight. Don't worry, I'll catch up. The holidays are coming.

I need . . .

. . . a better response to the comments. Seriously people three kids does not make us the Duggars. :)

. . . caffiene, celery, red meat, and baked goods. My cravings are not exactly the healthiest, I'm aware.

. . . to remember how quickly this goes by. A third done in a blink. Springtime here we come!


Kelly said...

Hey, Bob Vander Plaats used to live in Jefferson...still not enough to get me to back a Republican, though. ;p

And your cravings can't be any unhealthier than my friend Nata's-had to lug cheez whiz and bread n butter pickles to Japan for her last year!