Nov 4, 2009

So I don't forget

Cooper, you are, at 10 months, 2 weeks, and 5 days . . .

A Babbler: "mamma," "dada," "ball," "bat," "choo choo," and tonight in response to your 5 Little Ducklings' book "quack quack."

A Performer: You love dancing and singing into the play microphone. You love guitars, pianos and drums.

A Daredevil: Seconds before this picture, you were standing on the edge of the basket of toys trying to climb out of the playpen. Good thing I looked back before heading to the basement to change the laundry. Then you sat back down right away, knowing you were in for it. ;)

A bit confused: Due to lots of tea parties and play kitchen time with sissy and mommy, you can pretend to nibble on a plastic piece of food perfectly. But to really eat the real bits of finger food mommy gives you - you could care less. We're working on it.

Taking your own time: Perhaps why you're not really interested in finger food is because you're still nursing. A lot. At least a lot according to my desire to wean. Of course my desire to wean you looses to my wimpiness at the battle your waging so, for the moment, you're winning. We'll be working on that too.

This*close to walking: Except you get very excited after 2 steps on your own and take a nosedive. Pretty soon though.

A lover, not a fighter (well except for giving up the boob thing): You love giving kisses to mommy, daddy, sissy, or, um your own reflection . . .

. . . including your adorable face in the camera lens. :-)


Julie said...

Cooper--Weren't you just born? You are getting so big. I love it.