Nov 16, 2009


Playdate Picassos - Char and Q last week.
Charlotte has a nativity set she plays with quite a bit (thanks Grandma Moo!). It's helped her really understand the story of Christmas but perhaps she's still a little confused. The other day I saw her walking around with the little baby Jesus under her shirt. A bit later I saw her pretend to nurse the little figurine. Okay, I had to ask. Her reply? But I'm Mother Mary and the doctor took my baby out of my belly in the stable and baby Jesus needed some momma juice. Oh - of course. Makes perfect sense now. :)

Today I decided to buy Cooper a new winter coat and thought I'd stop by Goodwill first on the off chance that I could save a few bucks on something that won't likely fit him very long. No surprise, I didn't find anything, but a nice woman must have overheard me telling Charlotte there was nothing in his size. The woman quietly came up to me and asked me what size I was needing. She then proceeded to tell of a charitable program that provides winter coats and where I would have to go to put my name on the list. Although I obviously didn't need the charity, I smiled and thanked her and we went about our day. I kept smiling as we walked out as I thought of how kind and generous this woman was. I knew of this program but am not so sure I would have been so bold to share it with a complete stranger. How great that there are people out there, with servant's hearts, eager to help others.

Four stores later, I found a coat. Word to the wise, don't wait until a cold, rainy November 16th day, with snow in the long term forecast, to buy your child's winter coat. Things are a bit picked over.

Speaking of November 16th. I'm ignoring the fact that Cooper turns 1 in 1 month. Nope, not happening.

But I couldn't ignore the pink bow.

I can't help it. Cooper is about as boy as a boy can get. But it makes me laugh. And then my laughter makes him laugh. And then our laughter makes his father come in the room, give me the hairy eyeball and tell me not to post this picture on the blog.

And then I ignore his father. :)

Because we all need a good laugh!


Leslie said...

That made me laugh out loud!! Thanks for that.

He really looks like Char in that picture - not sure if it is his face or the bow that reminds me of her.

Julie said...

Love this post Autumn!! And the word "hairy eyeball." :)

Kevin Sandi Emma said...

Funny funny!! Topless painting, gotta love it! They both look so old! I can't wait too see them (and you) in just over a month!

shannon said...

Fab post Autumn! I also love the "one sock" look Cooper is rockin!